“How The Westons Won”

The Jefferson Market Library in Greenwich Village, 425 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10011

“Indian in the Cupboard” meets “Next to Normal.  When their mother reluctantly enters rehab for a painkiller addiction brought on by the accidental death of their father, two young teenagers, Britt and Jesse, are left with their uncle on the lonely ranch on the outskirts of Tucson.  With a magical leather and a mythical Wild West toy diorama, they accidentally bring to life Buffalo Bill, General George Custer, Geronimo, Calamity Jane, and a young Indian squaw.  In no time, the drama amps up in the Western village.  Britt and Jesse are about to restore harmony, when their mother appears having checked out of rehab.  The Western conflict and the family’s fragile relationship dissolves into an all-out battle of cowboys and Indians with Britt choosing the Union side and Sharon siding with the Indians.  Can Jesse, who has been disenfranchised with his family, restore harmony to the various conflicts so the family can forge ahead with a new reality?